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A Story

My first experience with cilantro was as a student at UC Davis in California, many years ago. They have a local farmers market there, and it is a fun local event that draws everyone to the downtown. I was walking past a table, heaped high with tomatoes and bundles of something that looked like parsley. It was a hot, sunny day. I edged closer to the table, when I was suddenly hit with a stench. It smelled like horrible, rancid B.O. I jumped back. I figured the farmer selling the stuff was simply in dire need of a shower.

Soon after, I learned that the disgusting odor of cilantro was matched by its horrible metallic taste. My husband (also a cilantro hater) and I have learned to say "No cilantro" in a few languages. As all haters of the evil weed know, once it it sprinkled into a bowl of pho or Thai noodle soup, the soup is a goner. One must insist on a fresh bowl of soup, because merely fishing out the herb after the fact is not adequate.