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A Story

My first run in with cilantro was at age 10, My grandmother took my cousin and I to a little mexican restaurante in a shady part of town; the perfect place to get authentic cuisine. Although I don't remember what I ordered, I'm sure it wasn't daring, when the waiter came back to check in I complained saying it tasted like there was soap on the dishes, they replaced my food but it was still there, I left thinking I had pinned the taste down to the water glass. I don't remember encountering cilantro again for a while.
I grew up to be a cook and then a chef I am not a picky eater anymore, there are a few foods I avoid but cilantro is not an edible substance to me. I worked in one restaurant where cilantro was abused it was all over the menu but the worst thing was the cilantro pesto, they would take 2-3 pounds of this stuff and run it through a food processor, for about an hour I couldn't be in the kitchen and everyone thought i was being such a baby but this is a serious issue for me, it is impossible to get away from it I love latin and asian cuisine but even a little bit in salsa and I would rather starve. I feel like when I go out to eat I have to ask about it no matter what I order because this shit is popping up everywhere now

As a cook I would like to see this problem adressed, special orders upset most cooks but I understand and identify with anyone specifying "NO CILANTRO" on an order that would not normally contain this stealthy offender. I believe what is needed is a marking of sorts for product labels and restaurant menus this site's anti-cilantro logo would fit nicely next to the "red pepper" indicating a spicy dish on a chinese menu, or the "peanut-free" guaranty on candy bars, And altough cilantro may not send me into anaphylactic shock I intend to continue to avoid my inedible enemy, and spread my overly dramatized distaste for cilantro

P.S. I think coriander seed tastes fine and when freshly ground smells like fruit loops