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A Story

First of all, I am SO excited that there's an actual web community dedicated to the disgustingness that is cilantro (or coriander.) My first experience with cilantro was in a Vietnamese restaurant with my father when I was about 13. I ordered soup and there was something decidedly foul-tasting in it. When I gave it to my father to try, he couldn't put his finger on what was making me retch. He obviously either liked cilantro or didn't get any when he tasted it. I had about 3 spoonfuls of the soup and couldn't eat anymore. It wasn't until someone made me a salad with cilantro in it about 6 months later when I realised that it was the offending herb that literally put me off any food that contained it. In America, those amazing Chipotle burritos would be absolutely perfect if the rice/salsa/everything in the entire restaurant weren't poisoned with the Herb of Death. I hate it!!