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A Story

I hate cilantro. Period. For that very reason I avoid Mexican restaurants because they have a tendency to sneak it into anything and everything. I hate refried beans too, but that's a whole other Webster I'm sure.
Being a Gardner and always wanting to try new things, the cilantro craze hit mid-1980's, and I decided I would grow my own. Every time I would go out to garden I would smell something similar to Dial soap and get a headache. I discovered it was the Cilantro and mentioned it to co-workers and told them I was pulling it out and letting it die a slow death. They said not to do that, and please bring it into work and they would take it. I bagged it up in plastic bags, threw them into my car that night, happy to be rid of it. My one-hour commute to work the next morning was a living hell. The entire car reeked of cilantro and by the time I arrived, I gave my co-workers their cilantro, then said I was ill and drove home with all the windows down trying to get that stench out of the car. Just thinking of that day makes my head hurt.
Cilantro has never intentionally passed my lips since. I am thankful for this web site. We should really try to stamp out any use of cilantro in the US. Does anyone really LIKE it? I have never in my life heard anyone request at a restaurant "can I have some extra cilantro with that?" To me that would be like requesting some soap shavings on the side. I have another question; do they intentionally replace Italian Flat Leaf Parsley with cilantro? Isn't flat leaf parsley just what it says it is? Maybe that's why my recent asparagus salad with flat leaf parsley was inedible. Damn you Rachel Ray for suggesting that!
I feel better already making this statment of fact, thank you all!