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A Story

The first time I had cilantro killed a friendship. My buddy Garcia, who is hispanic, was making a few of us some tacos for lunch after helping him with some work on his new home. I should mention now that he and I would prank each other now and again. Upon first bite I was sure my food had been tampered with. The taste of soap overpowered the meat and crispy taco shell as well as the fresh monterey jack cheese. I spit it out and quickly got up. Garcia had left his plate out to go to the bathroom so I decided to pour liquid soap on his taco to even the score. So I did and he ended up eating the whole thing, which led to him having intense diarrhea later. I felt a little guilty and told him I had gotten him back for his prank and he ended up chasing me around his house. Luckily I got out and figured the whole thing would blow over. The next day I had a taco at Baja Fresh and thought one of the workers was trying to poison me to steal my watch. Turns out it was cilantro in the salsa, just like the taco Garcia gave me. I never talked to Garcia again. Cilantro killed my friend Garcia (as far as I'm concerned, he's dead and buried). That's what cilantro does to people.