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A Story

I never do this BUT I HATE this stuff, it must have been spawned by the feel so sorry for all of the poor people out there who have been brainwashed that this stuff is the best thing since sliced bread........secretly they hate it too but daren't say anything for fear or retribution. I spent years travelling in Asia and always had this bizarre soapy taste in foods, at the time I was an innocent in all things that are corriander (cilantro)based......BUT the true horror of the stuff hit home full force when my brother - not known for his culinary expertise - decided to create a curry, of what I thought was Spinach, great huge amounts of lovely fresh green spinach, cooked down, in the massive quanties you could not tell, just a green mass.........I took a huge fork full, holy crap.......I could not run, my leg in plaster upto the thigh.......I had to sit there and politly try and get rid of it (as my two young nieces were there too).......ok spit it out.....that day cilantro / corriander made it to the same list as Goats Cheese.....Trendy foodstuffs that are, in all honesty, absolutly VILE.