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A Story

I was in Belize, struggling with eating issues because of the abundant use of beans - and I had respite only in the fresh fruit and veggies that sometimes were served. Imagine my joy at being given the option of veggies instead of refried beans! I hastily asked for veggies, and dug in without hesitation. The instant the stuff hit my tongue I began to shkeeve - and spat it out into a napkin. I took a job working the kitchen staff at the place we were staying, and saw the veggie dish being put together. I saw tomatoes (gross yet benign), carrots, and celery (again, pretty gross but a known flavor) go into the mix, and then this garnish I'd never seen before go in as well. I tried a piece of it - and regretted it instantly. This flavor had plagued me for years - I got made fun of for not liking guacamole and for refusing some of the dishes my mom worked so hard to make. I knew it then - cilantro was the bane of my existance in the food world.