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A Story

My first run in with cilantro was at a seafood restaurant in Baltimore. I ordered the sea bass which was covered in some sort of chutney. I took my first bite and immediately the nastiest flavor just socked me in my nasal cavity. At first I thought it was the fish, but after a couple more bites I found out it was the chutney. Needless to say I scraped it all off to the side but the flavor had saturated the fish and was uneatable. It wouldn't be until years later, and lots of uneaten mexican and indian food, that the worst tasting thing ever was a plant. A green leafy plant that tastes like someone mixed together the worst smelling perfumes and made it into a food additive. I checked wikipedia about cilatro and it said that some people's aversion to it is because of genetics. That must be the case because while the slightest bit of it brings tears to my eyes, my wife says it tastes fruity to her. It tastes fruity alright. Like fruit that's been sitting in the sun rotting for a year.