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A Story

This site is proof that I wasn't being tortured by a being of higher power for misdeeds in a past life! There are truly others who can't stand this herb!
I cannot stand cilantro; and by that, I mean not the way I find the smell of durian a bit overwhelming or nettles a bit painful, I mean this stuff makes me choke, vomit and die.
I've hated cilantro for as long as I can remember and yet I've never been able to descibe its taste or smell... If I were forced to describe it words, I'd say it tastes like a nightmare with a touch of pure evil.
At first people would jest and often not believe me but very quickly, my friends would be amazed at my apparent ability to detect the presence of even small amounts of cilantro with precision.
For so long, people have given me looks and rolled their eyes, for so long I've had to spend hours picking the tiny bits of green leaves out of a perfectly good meal!
Unfortunately for me, my entourage includes absolutely no one who shares my hatred for the plant and in quite a few instances, I've had to endure its presence in my food for the sake of appearing like a normal human being.
Probably one of the most hilarious encounters I've had was in a small taceria in California where I ordered a burrito that contained a very small bit of cilantro. The waiters would not believe me that my food contained any cilantro and in the end, let me talk to the chef, who very politely told me that the particular burrito I ordered did not have any of it. After I made a bet with him as a joke, and dissecting half of my remaining burrito, my friends and I enjoyed a free meal on the house even though I tried to refuse the offer because the chef was being so friendly.
I now go there on a regular basis and the chef even knows my aversion to cilantro and accomodates me accordingly.