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A Story

I grew up in NJ, where there were no Mexican restaurants, not even a Taco Bell. When I moved to Denver, I experienced Mexican food for the first time. However, the salsa tasted like soap, and I thought they hadn't washed out the dish or something. After it happened a few times, I figured out that not everyone could be that bad at washing dishes, but I didn't know what was in there that would taste so bad.
I'm not sure where I finally discovered what the culprit was, but one day my husband helpfully made a salad for dinner using one of those bagged greens mixes. After accusing him of not washing out the salad bowl, I looked at the list of ingredients, and sure enough, there it was-the hated CILANTRO!
I felt ostracized among my co-workers because they all LOVE the salsa at Mexican restaurants, and don't believe me when I tell them it tastes like soap. I didn't think anyone else was a victim of this hateful weed-until I found this website! Thank you!