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A Story

I first tasted the fowl herb in "Crystal Soup" and didn't know what it was... other than I was NEVER ordering "Crystal Soup" again. I went on with my life happy but detered from tasting any herb that even resembled it which had no name yet.
Years passed without incedent. I began working in an Organic market stocking produce. One afternoon I was filling up the wall and began to break up stalks of what I thought was parsley into bundles. I was awash in a fowl sickening I somehow knew.
I left the area dry-heaving. "That ones god something poisonis spilled on it! Industrial chemicals! Cleaning supplies!..."
But no, oh manager informed me it was "Cilantro".
You couldn't pay me to eat that crap...I don't know how anyone can. It tastes like toxic waste and Chlorine.