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A Story

It's amazing to me that I am just now finding this site after suffering from this cilantro affliction for years. I only recently realized i hated cilantro after all of my friends gave rave reviews of a local fast food burrito restaurant, i couldn't finish my food it gave me a headache just trying to suffer through it. It actually reminded me of the feeling i get when I ate at a certain Thai restaurant, yuck! I slowly discovered, through other similar experiences with fresh salsa and other terrible uses of this disgusting plant, that cilantro was the culprit. The amazing thing is that after coming on this site I realize that even when I was younger I had the same problem, reading through other horror stories I was forced to recall times when I claimed my food tasted like soap, to which everyone would tell me I was wrong. I'm not sure if I'm actually allergic to the stuff (it give me a headache and makes me feel very nauseous and I actually broke out in hives after one of those "soap tasting food" incidents) or if cilantro is just so disgusting that the taste angers my body. I'm so happy to have found this site.