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A Story

i was in the city and dropped by my dad's office to say hello and pass the time, he suggested we go for lunch. anyways there is this thai restraunt right next to his work, he tells me he goes there often, so i decide to check it out. normally i love Asian food, Japanese especially, and i was very hungry besides. we go in, i order a beef soup that sounds pretty good. i get the soup and am struck with a sense of delight when i realize that you add the ingredients yourself, and they cook in the soup. it is soon after i add the ingredients that i realize that something is horribly wrong. the smell, is just... wrong. i am wearing my favorite shirt. the steam bubbles out of the cup and i am revolted, it's all over i can't get the smell out. i'm confused so i begin eatig the soup. it didn't take me long before i realized that this was going to be impossible, the taste was overwhelming. i quickly pulled out the meat and through away the soup before my dad could see my disgust. to this day i cannot get the smell out of that shirt. eventually i just gave up on it, and gave the shirt to goodwill. so if you ever come across a cheap shirt that smells like cilantro, well then i'm sorry.